Catherine Lai's Research Progress

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Meeting Notes

ITST Updates
1. First prototype is partially working: returning DC elements for the FolkwaysAlive! and Handel collections.
2. Several problems with the first prototype: the Indiana metadta are not returned; query box not supporting multiples terms; links to access retrieve records at host digital repositories still missing; and performance is extremely slow.
3. Other problems: Mandolin server not reliable (some kind of kernel panic); David is working on getting it to a new server.

Thesis Work
1. First draft of dissertation proposal ready
2. The proposal needs to be approved by the Area Committee and be forward with the proposal form to the Graduate Office before September 18 (the next Graduate Sub-Committee meeting).
3. First draft of chapter 3 (Audio Collection Preservation Initiatives and Challenges) will be ready by early next week.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Meeting Notes

ITST Updates
1. Mandolin server at UoA still down; but a simple parser for DC-RDF has been tested offline
2. The backend as is now returns full rendering of RDF of all the collection records. However, the RDF is getting very heavy and complicated and requires additional RDF tools for parsing/extracting DC metadata. Since the first prototype is displaying only DC metadata, shouldn't the RDF be simplified and include only DC-RDF so that no additional RDF tools are required for parsing the search results?

Thesis Work
1. First draft of chapter outline, timeline, and selective bibliography available
2. Next milestone: thesis proposal ready by August 25, 2006.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Meeting Notes

ITST First Prototype Updates:
1. Full crosswalk to DC and native metadata are implemented for all collections in RDF
2. The crosswalks for repositories are implemented in a XML config file
3. Simultaneous search of Folkway, Handel, and Variations2 collections is working
4. David will be writing some documentation, class diagrams, sequence diagram in the coming weeks
5. Catherine needs to finish integrating the backend and the frontend ASAP (waiting for the server at the UoA to be rebooted) when the backend query API is up and running again.

ITST Second Prototype Brainstorm:
Transforming description of resource in MARC21 to semantic description requires a few steps:
1. Parse a binary MARC21 file and create a MARC-XML file using parser library or the MARCXML Toolkit (Java based)
2. Transform the data in a MARC-XML file to an RDF model using XSLT transform
3. Transform a MARC-RDF graph to MARC-RDF file with semantic description, combining MARC and DC.

Thesis Work:
1. Reading on RDF ("Practical RDF" and "RDF Primer")
2. Learning about RAP (an RDF API for PHP) now installed on coltrane
3. Writing the 2 page thesis proposal

1. Optimized the search for the Jazz 78 rpm by simply adding an index to one of the database tables
2. Gradually moving the MAPP content to the MAPP WIKI pages

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Meeting Notes

1. Need to upload minutes of the workshop on Metadata Infrastructure for Sound Recordings; the wiki page for the ITST project is temporarily unavailable.
2. Will work on mapping the existing Handel metadata to a reduced simple set of DC elements this week.
3. Will then follow up with David Descheneau on the intial prototype that Daniel has developed for getting access to the Handel database.

1. Have updated the MAPP website, including the publication and the news and updates sections. Powerpoint slides presented at the Archiving conference and recently published papers are linked on the web pages.
2. Will start moving the material on the current MAPP website to the wiki page set up for DDMAL.
3. Will continue to work on the JCDL poster and get it ready by next week.

1. Needs to get signatures and turn in the annual graduate student progress report.
2. Catherine will be working away from California from July 3 - July 26.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Meeting Notes

Jazz 78 RPM digitization updates:
1. Have a new web site design
2. Need to run audio conversion for two more records
3. Need to add more detail to the report on the about web page

1. Update the jazz 78 rpm section on MAPP web site
2. Revise the JCDL poster paper
3. Finish the data dictionary and start working on the ISMIR paper

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Meeting Notes

Jazz 78 RPM digitization updates:
1. Finished converting audio
2. Continue to do data verification
3. Continue to work on the web site

1. Submitted the Archiving paper.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Meeting Notes

Jazz 78 RPM digitization updates:
1. Have finished digitizing the audio of 78 rpms; will started running audio conversion.
2. Have imported MARC records into the database and started to enter additional metadata.
3. Have a preliminary web site design for the Jazz 78s.
4. Will add annotated bibliography to the bibliography section.

1. Need to submit the Archiving paper by Friday.
2. Need to find an external exam member for comprehensive exam.
3. Need to find out the date for the comprehensive exam.