Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Meeting Notes

Task completed this week:

1. First draft of the JCDL short paper.

Incoming tasks:

Jan. 26 Feedback from Ich on the paper
Jan. 27 Draft of the abstract
Jan, 28 Send draft of the poster to Ich
Jan. 29 Feedback from Ich on the poster
Jan. 30 Send draft of the paper to Ich
Jan. 31 Send draft of the paper to Cynthia
Feb. 7 Final draft of poster and paper send to Ich and Cynthia

Pending Tasks:

1. Figure out the total number of hours on digitization during the summer.
2. Modify the procedure for digitization.
3. Make a new data entry form for digitization without metadata on layout.
4. Do research for a cleaning solution for 78s.
5. Design a new U.I. for the Handel demo display page to include separated tracks.


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