Catherine Lai's Research Progress

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Meeting Notes

Tasks completed this week:

1. Fixed the Handel LP demo website:

The table "Digitization" in the Handel database "handeldb" had to be updated by inserting additional fields that were missing in the version of the database reverted.

2. Moved all the Handel LPs released before 1954 from the Rare and Special Collections Room in the Music Library into the corner office.

3. Met with John Black and found out the standard way of checking for any re-release of sound recordings. The first thing to do is to search in WorldCat, the OCLC Online Union Catalog. Other catalogs to check include the Bielefelder catalog, the Diapason catalog, the Schwann catalog, and the Gramophone catalog.

New Task:

1. Start planning and writing the JCDL paper