Catherine Lai's Research Progress

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Meeting Notes

Tasks Completed:

1. Applied for student volunteer award to JCDL.

2. Finished checking re-released publication of 147 of the David Edelberg Handel LPs released before 1955. Documentation in MS excel sheet.

3. Re-evaluated the scanning requirements for digitization of the David Edelberg Handel LP collection. A full technical report available in MS word, pdf, and html, with sample scanned images online.

4. Revised JCDL paper abstract for poster session revision available in MS word; previously submitted version also available in MS word. Areas critiqued by reviewers that need improvements:

Reviewer1: "I found the description of the schema structure to be somewhat confusing; the proposal would benefit from the inclusion of a clear diagram that explains this."

Reviewer2: "The presentation prevents one from fully understanding or appreciating the content of the poster. This poster could benefit greatly from a bit more structure (adding some heading). This poster could also be improved if the authors more carefully and clearly stated the relationship between the various types of metadata elements that they identify. It is difficult to discern the relationship between the scheme items identified in the last sentence of paragraph 1, the first sentence of paragraph 4 and the bulleted list of elements in paragraph 5. The authors should also provide more description of how they evaluated the metadata entry form. As it stands, the authors have made claims that use was "satisfactory", but have not explained how this was assessed."

Pending Tasks:

1. Revise JCDL short paper by Friday 3/25/05.
2. Finalize data entry form for digitization by Monday 3/28/05.
3. Update MAPP website and bibliography.