Catherine Lai's Research Progress

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Meeting Notes

Tasks Completed:

1. Proofread JCDL poster abstract (.doc and .pdf) and ready to be forwarded to Cynthia.

2. Revised JCDL short paper (.doc and .pdf). Previously submitted version also available in .doc and .pdf. Areas that need improvements as critiqued by reviewers are below.

Reviewer 1: "The paper is well-written but I wonder about its significance to the digital library community. The authors do not seem to have a strong vision for how phonographic information could be used in DLs and transformed from their original contexts."

Reviewer 2: "It would have been interesting to know more about the requirements to efficiency and functionality that the new metadata schema should fulfil, and how the new metadata schema performs compared to other metadata schemas. Is the system evaluated?"

3. Restructured the design of database. New design captures using UML object modeling viewable in .pdf.

Pending Tasks:

1. Finish implementing the new and improved data-entry form.
2. Digitize and time the digitization process by the end of the week.