Catherine Lai's Research Progress

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Meeting Notes

Completed Tasks:

1. First ISMIR rough draft ready for comments.
Version 2.1 has Damon's original contribution. Catherine made modification to Damon's parts in Version 2.2.

2. Found out procedues for requesting business cards:

- Email to McGill printing services:
- Provide name, title, address, telephone number,fax number, e-mail, and website information
- Takes 5 days for approval and a total of 10 days to be ready

Pending Tasks:

1. Powerpoint for JCDL short paper presentation.

2. Poster and powerpoint (3 slides) for JCDL poster paper.

3. Schedule a meeting to complete the graduate student progress report with the thesis supervisor and graduate studies director Prof. Hank Knox. Prof. Knox is availalbe April 26th at either 11am, 11:30am or 1:00pm. The forms are on the website.