Catherine Lai's Research Progress

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Meeting Notes

Immediate tasks:

1. Poster submission to the IEEE Technical Commitee on Digital Libraries Bulletin. Here are the text(.doc) and image(.jpg) to be submitted (submission deadline Aug 14).

2. ISMIR poster design. Below lists the proposed design content:
- 1) introduction: image of overall workflow management system
- 2) background info: image of LP covers, audio discs and labels
- 3) content management: image of data entry form and metadata (partial list)
- 4) digitization: images of digitizers capturing audio and scanning covers
- 5) batch processing: screen shot of scripting for different requirements of derivatives
- 6) research result: image of preliminary web site
- 7) future work: automating metadata extraction using gamera (e.g. damon's gamera examples)

Tasks in progress:

1. Setting up a database for Jazz 78-rpm
2. Implementing web data entry form for Jazz 78-rpm
3. Data dictionary for metadata

Pending tasks:

1. Audio digitization for Handel LPs (12)
2. Start preparing FQRSC grant application (?)