Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Meeting Notes

Jazz 78 RPM digitization updates:
1. Have finished scanning all disc images.
2. About to start image conversion using the sample shell script provided by Damon. Will be running the image conversion this weekend.
3. Have been doing literature research on preservation, restoration, and of reproduction of sound recordings and am continuing to update the bibliography page on MAPP.
4. Have created a chart of speed and equalization to be used for digitization based on the literature research done so far. Aim to finish audio digitization by next week.
5. Posted information on the ITST project on MAPP.

Pending work:
1. Verify the normalization on Apogee.
2. Enter the metadata not included in MARC while digitizing the audio of 78 rpms.
3. Write the Archiving paper.

Other notes:
1. Still waiting for the interlibrary loan to arrive; need to read the books by James Powell on playback equalizer settings for 78 rpm recording.


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