Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Meeting Notes

1. Need to upload minutes of the workshop on Metadata Infrastructure for Sound Recordings; the wiki page for the ITST project is temporarily unavailable.
2. Will work on mapping the existing Handel metadata to a reduced simple set of DC elements this week.
3. Will then follow up with David Descheneau on the intial prototype that Daniel has developed for getting access to the Handel database.

1. Have updated the MAPP website, including the publication and the news and updates sections. Powerpoint slides presented at the Archiving conference and recently published papers are linked on the web pages.
2. Will start moving the material on the current MAPP website to the wiki page set up for DDMAL.
3. Will continue to work on the JCDL poster and get it ready by next week.

1. Needs to get signatures and turn in the annual graduate student progress report.
2. Catherine will be working away from California from July 3 - July 26.


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