Thursday, September 07, 2006

Meeting Notes

ITST Updates
1. First prototype is partially working: returning DC elements for the FolkwaysAlive! and Handel collections.
2. Several problems with the first prototype: the Indiana metadta are not returned; query box not supporting multiples terms; links to access retrieve records at host digital repositories still missing; and performance is extremely slow.
3. Other problems: Mandolin server not reliable (some kind of kernel panic); David is working on getting it to a new server.

Thesis Work
1. First draft of dissertation proposal ready
2. The proposal needs to be approved by the Area Committee and be forward with the proposal form to the Graduate Office before September 18 (the next Graduate Sub-Committee meeting).
3. First draft of chapter 3 (Audio Collection Preservation Initiatives and Challenges) will be ready by early next week.


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