Catherine Lai's Research Progress

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Meeting Notes

Jazz 78 RPM digitization updates:
1. Have started scanning 78rpm discs; have finished scanning 12 records so far.

2. Have found the cleaning solution purchased from VPI for cleaning shellac 78rpm records. Need to try on test records to make sure there is no alcohol added. Otherwise, a record cleaner for 78rpm can be purchased here

3. Have found two cartridges purchased for playing 78rpm records. Need help replacing the cartridges.

4. Still trying to set SDS to play at 78 RPM. Not sure if need to manually change the voltage setting to play at higher speed.

5. Continue to read the ARSC mailing lists on the best way of reproducing 78rpm records. It is very hard to find out the actual speed that the music was recorded because there is no annotation on the 78rpm discs, and there were no logs of speed recording, according to John Black. One way to ensure the best sound is to take pitch and timber into account and correct the playing speed accordingly.

6. A reference for 78rpm record equalization is at

1. A documentation for the data dictionary for metadata elements for phonograph records is posted online at . This documentation is unfinished yet and is continuously being updated.

2. In addition to compiling metadata elements for sound recordings using knowledge based approach (i.e. survey of existing standards), what about combining data mining techniques to further discover metadata elements not already covered?

Comprehensive exam:
1. Need to set up dates for the 2 days written exam and 1 day oral exam. Selected areas are 1) Music Information Retrieval and Digital Libraries, 2) Human-Computer Interaction and Music, and 3) Perception and Cognition.

2. Need to request reading lists and sample questions from all professors.

1. Still need to request Ethernet connection for Digital Machine in the Rare Books Collection room in the music library.

2. Need to purchase two cables (XLR connectors to standard male RCA connectors) to monitor playback of digitized music.

3. Need help to replace cartridge for digitizing 78rpms.