Catherine Lai's Research Progress

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Meeting Notes

Jazz 78 RPM digitization updates:
1. Have finished scanning 22 78rpm discs; these are all the 78rpms pressed in Montreal that have been catalogued on Muse.
2. Wrote a PHP script to import MARC records from MUSE into the MySQL database.
3. Replaced the applicator head and the vaccum pick tube on the record cleaning machine for cleaning 78rpms.
4. Tried out the all purpose cleaning solution (diluted using distilled water) on test 78rpm records.
5. Removed the cartriedge for the LPs and have installed the cartridge for the 78rpms. Need to adjust alignment point and tracking force on the needle.
6. Need to set SDS for 78 rpm.
7. Have selected the next 200 78rpm records for digitization among the Jazz 78rpm collection. Have checked with Cynthia about the selection.

Other Notes:
1. Need to set up dates for the 2 days written comprehensive exam and 1 day oral comprehensive exam.
2. Need to get reading lists for the comprehensive exam.
3. Will continue to work on my bibliography list and metadata dictionary.
4. Have finally gotten ethernet in the Rare Books Collection in the music library for Digital Machine. Have uploaded the scanned images of the 78rpm discs on Coltrane.