Catherine Lai's Research Progress

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Meeting Notes

Jazz 78 RPM digitization updates:
1. Have finished scanning 33 78 rpm discs. The decision is now to digitize all the Jazz 78 rpms that have been catalogued on MUSE.
2. Have replaced the pulley on the rotating unit of the turntable and the turntable can now rotate at 78 rpm.
3. Still need to read more on the appropriate EQ and speed of playing 78 rpms.
4. Some sample audio files using different cartriges and styli are available here:
Sample 1 (V15VxMR + the stylus of M78S)
Sample 2 (V15VxMR + the stylus N78)

Samples from MGM 30573-A, using turnover of 500 Hz and rolloff of -11 dB.

JCDL 2006:
1. Have submitted the poster abstract for JCDL 2006 online. The title of the abstract is Metadata Data Dictionary for Analog Sound Recordings.
2. The notification date is March 3, 2006.

Website updates:
1. Have updated the MAPP website, including the publication, recent news and updates, and the research sections. Links to the Handel website and the EMS website have been added.
2. Have updated the Handel website. Now may click on thumbnail images to view 600x600 images.
3. Still need to post information on the Jazz 78 rpm digitization project.
4. Still need to post information on the ITST project.