Catherine Lai's Research Progress

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Meeting Notes

ITST First Prototype Updates:
1. Full crosswalk to DC and native metadata are implemented for all collections in RDF
2. The crosswalks for repositories are implemented in a XML config file
3. Simultaneous search of Folkway, Handel, and Variations2 collections is working
4. David will be writing some documentation, class diagrams, sequence diagram in the coming weeks
5. Catherine needs to finish integrating the backend and the frontend ASAP (waiting for the server at the UoA to be rebooted) when the backend query API is up and running again.

ITST Second Prototype Brainstorm:
Transforming description of resource in MARC21 to semantic description requires a few steps:
1. Parse a binary MARC21 file and create a MARC-XML file using parser library or the MARCXML Toolkit (Java based)
2. Transform the data in a MARC-XML file to an RDF model using XSLT transform
3. Transform a MARC-RDF graph to MARC-RDF file with semantic description, combining MARC and DC.

Thesis Work:
1. Reading on RDF ("Practical RDF" and "RDF Primer")
2. Learning about RAP (an RDF API for PHP) now installed on coltrane
3. Writing the 2 page thesis proposal

1. Optimized the search for the Jazz 78 rpm by simply adding an index to one of the database tables
2. Gradually moving the MAPP content to the MAPP WIKI pages